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Thanks mum x
Jul 22, 2014

Thanks mum x

Thanks mummmmmm x
Jul 22, 2014

Thanks mummmmmm x

Walk barefooted amongst the Earth, dance to its rhythmic heartbeat, bury your feet in the warmth of the soil, or the cool of the green grass, frolic in fields of flowers, crunch through leaves and skip along stones. But most importantly feel yourself become whole.
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Jul 22, 2014

Thoughts I thought I would share,
When did it become necessary to graduate from a trainer bra?
Who decided we had to stop wearing tutus for fun?
When did it become a rule that you can’t eat pea nut butter and honey off the spoon for lunch?
When did we decide our hair couldn’t have its natural fluffy and curly bits.
I am blessed to spend my days with little people who know the essence of embracing their beauty and enjoying each day without the thought of tomorrow, When did we stop being them.

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Because it doesn’t make any sense at all! If you believe in angels, why not unicorns or elves, or leprechauns?
Lisa Simpson (via fourteendrawings)

(via fourteendrawings)

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Vintage Over-dyed Rug
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Vintage Over-dyed Rug

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The Serpentine Lookout.
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The Serpentine Lookout.

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♥Stop Thought♥ quote/buddha
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